Section 15-105. Mandatory Review --

  1. After November 1 of every year ending in “4,” but before the immediate following February 1, the mayor and the presiding officer of the council shall appoint a charter commission consisting of thirteen members to study and review the operation of the government of the city under this charter. The mayor shall appoint six members; the presiding officer of the council, with the approval of the council, shall appoint six members; and the thirteenth member shall be appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council. For the 2005 charter commission, Section 16-127 shall prevail over any conflicting provision of this subsection.
  2. The commission shall elect a chair from among its members. Any vacancy in the commission shall be filled in the same manner as for an original appointment, except as otherwise provided under Section 16-127 for the 2005 charter commission. The commission shall act by majority vote of its membership and shall establish its own procedures. The commission shall be recognized as a constituent body, and its members shall not, in any manner, be deemed officers of the city. The commission and its members shall be subject only to provisions of this article, Section 3-114, and Section 3-502 of the charter.
  3. The commission may propose amendments to the existing charter or a draft of a revised charter, which shall be submitted to the city clerk at any time prior to September 1 of the year ending in “6” that immediately follows the appointment of the commission. Upon receipt of the amendments or revised charter, together with ballot language prepared by the commission, the clerk shall provide for the submission of such amendments or revised charter to the electors of the city at the next general election.
  4. The commission shall publish, not less than forty-five days before any election at which charter amendments or a revised charter are submitted, at least once in a daily newspaper of general circulation within the city, a brief digest of the amendments or revised charter and a notice to the electorate that copies of the amendments or revised charter are available at the office of the city clerk. (Reso. 83-357; 1992 General Election Charter Amendment Question No. 31; Reso. 02-39 and 04-178)